Reasons Why Fat Women Should Not Wear Bikinis

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Oct 27, 2016 at 02:02pm · Web

Some clothes are not made for everyone! You do not have to force yourself to be in some skinny jeans because people around you are wearing them. It is really annoying getting to see some fat people in clothes that would not make them breathe; what most of these people do not know is that they are fabulous and wonderful just the way they are.

There are some clothes that they would rock that would look fabulous on them; there are certain styles they could rock that would make the skinny ladies and models in the society to go green with envy.

There is something beautiful about being thick; you can get to be you and enjoy the feeling that comes with you being full figured. However, most of the plus size people in the society want to do the things the slim ladies are doing. They want to strut on the beach wearing bikinis and show off their bodies too. While you may be proud of your body, wearing a bikini is not just the best way to go about it.

Plus size women are considered to be powerful in some ways; they exude energy and have different sides to them. For inspiration on what to wear as a plus size woman, you can check out how this mother of three rocked her curves. If you are a plus size woman, you should feel good about yourself while you exercise regularly to keep fit. Find below some of the reasons why plus fat women should not wear bikinis:

1. They should not just wear it

reasons why fat women should not wear bikinis

Fat women in the society should not wear bikinis because they are not the targeted buyers. Bikinis look good on slim women who do not have flabs and folds. The plus size women in the society should wear things that suit their bodies and not things that would be seen as offensive.

2. Bikinis do not fit them

reasons why fat women should not wear bikinis

Why would you ever want to wear something you do not look good in? It would be gross having the thin lines of your bikini get missing in between your butts and folds because you want to look like those models who rock them. There is nothing sexy about seeing folds and lots of skins.

3. It is unappealing to people

Fat women should avoid wearing bikinis because people do not appreciate it on them. People would love them more if they had put on something more appropriate. Men get turned off when they sight fat women wearing bikinis on the beaches. There are other beach clothes they could rock; a little mystery would add to their allure.

4. People get uncomfortable

reasons why fat women should not wear bikinis

Plus size women should learn to carry themselves well; they should know the things that suit their bodies and wear that only. Wearing a bikini when you are fat would throw stares your way, people would be uncomfortable seeing so much skin displayed. This may bother you eventually and ruin your day too.

5. Those who talk you into it do not like you

reasons why fat women should not wear bikinis

It is not unusual for you to find people that would tell you it is brave to wear a bikini when you are a plus size. Do not pay attention to talks like this; you can be you and still fabulous about it. Next time you hear stuff like that be sure to tell the person to advise a slim person to wear an oversized bikini.

6. What is cool about this?

reasons why fat women should not wear bikinis

Even if you find your size in the nearest store, do not be tempted into thinking you can rock it and get admired like the models and slim ladies who wear them all the time. There is the likelihood of you getting laughed at or bugged for wearing something like that. Save yourself the embarrassment and find something more appropriate.

7. Fat women would look better in something not revealing

reasons why fat women should not wear bikinis

As beautiful as these plus size women are, they would look better if they wear clothes that would make them more comfortable. Bikinis do not portray them well even though they try working on their bodies.

8. Really?

reasons why fat women should not wear bikinis

Would you honestly feel good looking like this on a beach where there are plenty people? You are most likely to be uncomfortable; the only thing that would make you feel better is having other plus size women around.

9. Like seriously?

reasons why fat women should not wear bikinis

Fat women should not wear bikinis because it puts them under spot; they are most likely to turn red with the lewd and weird remarks they would be getting.

10. Beautiful?

reasons why fat women should not wear bikinis

It is understandable that most of these fat women want to express themselves and have fun too, they can find other ways of doing that. Bikinis are not designed for plus size women.

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