‘James Ibori Won’t Celebrate Christmas At Home’

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Dec 21, 2016 at 03:29pm · Web

Hopes that former Delta State Governor James Ibori will celebrate this year’s Christmas with his kinsmen at Oghara in Ethiope West Local Government Area may have been dashed.

There have been frantic preparations in anticipation of his return, leading to several repairs and clearing at Oghara in the last few days.But it was learnt last night, that the former governor had shelved his return.

Ibori is expected to regain his freedom this month after a 13-year term in a British prison.

A source told our reporter in Warri that the former governor would leave the British jail at 11 p.m Nigerian time yesterday.
But a close associate of his, who was also the Commissioner for Transportation in the last administration, Ben Igbakpa, said Ibori had said he would not celebrate Christmas at home.

Igbakpa said: “He has issued a statement to the fact that he’s not coming for Christmas. His media aide, Mr Tony Eluemunor, issued a statement to that effect, since Tuesday, that he’s not coming home for Christmas. He’s been away and everybody is enthusiastic to receive him back. But he’s not going to be around for Christmas as he has said.”

Also, in anticipation of Ibori’s return, his kinsmen have begun preparations and celebration of arguably their most illustrious son.
While the state government and Ethiope West Local Government Area have started series of repairs in Oghara, family and associates of the former governor are said to be cleaning his home.

Hopes were high that Ibori would return to his home town yesterday.

But some sources said this was not realisable because he was still in London.

Source: nigerianewstoday.com.ng
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