"Charly Boy Should Be Arrested" - Mustapha Yamusa Rigasa, Journalist

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Aug 16 at 12:40pm · Web
A popular Kaduna state based veteran journalist malam Mustapha Yamusa Rigasa has commended the patriotic Nigerians for beaten up Charly Boy whom he described as a security breacher(lawbreaker).

The journalist made the remark in Lagos immediately after he heard that Mr Charly Boy was almost lynched by some patriotic market women in Wuse Market Abuja when he was about to breach the security and disrupt the buying and selling of goods and services in the market.

According to him,it is hight time Nigerians started praying for their leaders instead of listening to law breakers like Charly Boy.He questioned why he must go to the market for a protest.

He said Charly Boy should be arrested for taken it too far.Speaking further,he said that Charly Boy should go to National Assembly,Unity Fountain or Aso Rock so that his voice will be heard instead of breaching security in the market.

The journalist also advised Nigerians to continue to live in peace with one another as directed by President Buhari instead of indulging in illegal protests or take law into their hands.

Source: trezzyhelm.com
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