A young mind behind the camera


Oscar Chimenem Nyesom is a native of Oginigba Community in Obio/Akpor Local Government Area in Rivers State.

He was born on the 24th of May,1995 into the family of Mr and Mrs Geoffrey A. Dike in Oginigba Community.

He is very passionate about Football, Photograph and Cinematography as a result of his passion,he opted to pursing a course in Photography and Cinematography in MX Film and Multimedia,one of the leading From institute in Lagos State.

He later started his career as a Professional Photographer in 2015,and ever since he has been putting smiles and good memories in the lives of people around him through Photography.

According to him, growing up as a child wasn’t that bad. Even though as a kid he had wanted to be an Engineer but as time went by things changed and as such he began to change with them too, so he opted for something else because he couldn’t imagine himself working under someone, he just had that mindset of being his own boss. So he decided to pursue a career in photography and cinematography.

His greatest motivations has been God first, his Sister’s and then the zeal to make money.

His passion for Photographer and Cinematography gave birth to Carsom Shots. Since 2015 till date he has really worked towards ensuring better and quality approach in Photography and Cinematography.

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