COZA: Pastor Biodun Fatoyinb’s wife opens up, reveals what he did to her


Pastor Biodun Fatoyinbo’s wife, Modele, has opened up on how her husband helped her fight her introverted nature.

Speaking on Sunday in the Abuja headquarters of the COZA, Modele, said thus:

“One of the things that I say about my husband is that I would have never had the opportunity — I used to be so shy to talk to one person.
“I used to let him do all the talking because I was a very introverted person.
“But he was able to help me see, like he was able to help a lot of us see, that there was greatness in me.
“So, I don’t have a problem standing before you this morning. The Lagos church, the Ilorin church, the Port Harcourt church — anywhere he is, Pastor Biodun is the father of that church.
“I’m not your friend if you don’t celebrate this man.”

Modele also said whoever does not celebrate her husband cannot be her friend.

Although the clergyman has denied the allegation, claiming it was a set up as he has never raped anyone in his life. He stepped down as the overseer of the COZA church last week pending whn the scandal against him is completely sorted out.

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