From trash to beauty


Meet Beauty Martins, the beautiful face behind transformed crafts.

Ajayi Beauty Martins is a graduate of the University Of Port Harcourt in the Department of Sociology and the creative Director of Beauberry creations, the umbrella company of her signature brand “Tyniture” where she is reusing and recycling tyres into furniture with a sense of class and beauty such as sofa, coffee tables, side stools, chairs, thereby reducing waste in the environment and at the same time Creating a source of livelihood.

She is also a Lead Volunteer for a Non profit organization and Social Work group called 360 Volunteers within and outside Port Harcourt serving in different capacity.

Beauty Martins is the first of two girls, raised by a single Mother, She was born on the 4th of April 1997.Attended De-Harry International School from Nursery to Junior Secondary school and then Moved over to Government Senior Secondary school, Elekahia and currently a graduate from the department of Sociology, University Of Port Harcourt. She a fun loving lady and a fighter.

Her source of inspiration has been the unending and indiscriminate increase in poor disposing of waste, mostly non-degradable, owing to the fact that the rate of tyre waste has recently been on a high side. Her zeal to create an instant positive impact gave rise to the brand Tyniture, where beautiful creations were made out of wasteful tyres.

Tyniture has been in operation for 6 years now and ever since the growth rate has been increasingly amazing.

Beauty Martins also runs an Outreach, made up of a group of friends who do social media and crowd funding to buy gifts and foodstuffs during festive periods to visit orphanages, hospitals (children wards) and street children to have fun and share the good news of Love with them.

When she first started there was a lot of persons who told her she was going to fail and that drained her so much that she became depressed for a while but she stepped on it and worked harder. Today here she is waxing stronger everyday because she never gave up on my dreams.

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