The day my husband stops beating me is the day I know he is cheating on me – Nigerian lady says


A Nigerian lady has advised fellow women on how to be loyal and humble to their man

The lady identified as Faith stated that women need beating to stay humble and loyal

  • Faith noted that the day her husband stops beating her is the day she knows he is cheating on her

A Nigerian lady identified simply as Miz Faith has shared an unusual way to make a relationship between a man and woman work. The lady shared the tip while advising women on how to stay humble and loyal to men.

The lady had shared an unusual tip in a comment on social media. Faith explained that women need to be beaten by their men for them to stay loyal and humble.

Faith further explained that the day her husband stops beating is the day that she would realise he is cheating on her. She expressed that when a man beats a woman it shows that he loves her.

According to her, a healthy dose of regular beating from a man is how women stay humble and loyal to men.

The lady went ahead to caution women on listening to what is preached by the western world. She noted that women should not be ignorant and listen to the freedom propaganda preached in the western world.

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